USA Restaurant

USA Restaurant is a directory of restaurants. Use it for direct mail marketing and research or for calling personally the restaurant owner for promotional purposes. Download our USA Restaurant Database List.
We are updating our database in every three months. All the restaurant in database are verified manually before entering in our data list. The list of usa restaurant have their addresses, city, state. Along with these major details also contains phone, cuisines and Latitude/Longitude etc.

Download USA Restaurant List

The download list of USA Restaurant has all the major details of the restaurants (Subject to the availability). This database is suitable for Website use, for application use or for any type of marketing activities.

Allowed Usage Type: PUBLICATION RIGHTS ( Website Use, Data Modification, Import, Export, Merge Data )

Last Updated: January 2016

Downloadable files are in below format:
1. MySQL
2. Microsoft Excel
3. CSV

Available Details

Total records – 754,433 (100%)
* Restaurant Name – 754,433 (100%)
* Restaurant Address – 754,433 (100%)
* Restaurant City – 754,426 (100%)
* Restaurant State / Province – 754,433 (100%)
* Zip Code – 754,194 (100%)
* County – 753,776 (100%)
* Latitude – 524,806 (70%)
* Longitude – 524,806 (70%)
* Restaurant Phone Number – 731,581 (97%)
* Restaurant Fax Number – 48,196 (7%)
* Website Url – 277,319 (37%)
* Contact Person – 38,003 (6%)
* Dst – 479,118 (64%)
* Cuisines – 280,317 (38%)

Benefits of USA restaurant

A list of USA restaurant can be a valuable resource for several marketing and business purposes. Here are a few things that can be done with a list of USA restaurant:

Market research: this can be used for market research to gain insights into the local USA restaurant industry. This could include analyzing trends, identifying gaps in the market, or finding areas with high demand for particular types of cuisine.

Targeted advertising: If you offer a product or service that is relevant to USA restaurants, a list of restaurants can be used to target your advertising efforts to specific businesses. For example, if you sell restaurant supplies, you could use the list to target your advertising to restaurants in your area.

Partnerships and collaborations: the USA restaurant list can also be used to identify potential partnerships or collaborations. For example, if you run a food blog, you could use the list to identify restaurants to feature on your blog or to collaborate with on a project.

Competitor analysis: this list can also be used to conduct competitor analysis. By analyzing the USA restaurants on the list, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as any areas where you may be able to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Lead generation: Our database of USA restaurant can be used for lead generation, particularly if you offer a service that restaurants may be interested in. For example, if you run a marketing agency that specializes in restaurant marketing, you could use the list to generate leads and reach out to potential clients.

Overall, easy to use USA restaurants can be a valuable resource for a variety of marketing and business purposes. It’s important to use the list strategically and tailor your efforts to the specific needs and interests of your target audience.